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AResponding to customer needs

ΒTact for handling transactions

CSpeed ​​and efficiency in trade

DEqual treatment of all customers


Our activities

Our firm is active in buying and selling and leasing commercial and residential real estate and land consistently and efficiently.

Rich archive property

Variety of options throughout Halkidiki

Specialized services visibility of your property

Net securities owned (make sure to check all required documents to selling property before we advertise)

Legal services (full coverage by experienced and reputable legal officers)

Comprehensive insurance packages

Alongside photographs of the properties we offer and present them to our website.

Full processing purchase

Property management services

A house needs maintenance and cleaning in order to keep its value. During your absence from the property, to give you peace of mind, our Property Management services can provide all your maintenance requirements, ensuring they are carried out according to your specific instructions.

Regular inspection of your property,
Cleaning services,
Payment of bills (such as water, electric, telephone etc.),

Help with official paperwork (e.g. annual tax declaration),

Emptying of the sewage tank,

Maintenance of your house and repair damage,

Maintenance of the garden,

Maintenance and cleaning of the swimming pool,


Maintenance of electric equipment (e.g. central heating)





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